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Our Spring 2024 Application is CLOSED

Defining your experience.


New Hires participate in weekly training sessions led by the Director of Development. Innovo also hosts training, development, and networking sessions with professionals from a number of firms across the consulting industry. 


New Hires are paired with an upperclassman mentor to serve as a resource and guide. After joining Innovo, students become part of our vast alumni network that spans across different industries: consulting, entrepreneurship, government, and financial services.


Consultants have the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience by working with social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to think critically about the most pressing problems that those organizations face today.


What does Innovo look for in applicants?

There is no one perfect Innovite. We’re looking for students who possess a creative approach to problem-solving and the ability to work well in teams. Above all, we want to find people with an eagerness to learn and a willingness to grow. As a whole, we value a having a diversity of perspectives amongst our consultants because we believe this helps us produce the best service for our clients and the best experience for our members.

What does the application process look like?

We have an initial written application which you can find on this website. After reviewing all written applications, we will invite some applicants to meet with the officers for short (20-30 minute) interviews. The interviews are a way for us to better get to know you and to help you better understand us. Hiring decisions are made following the interviews.

What are the minimum requirements to get in to Innovo?

There are no minimum requirements to apply to Innovo. We understand that we may be the first professional or consulting position applicants are pursuing, and previous consulting experience is not expected. While we do review resumes in addition to the written application and interview responses, just as there is no one type of Innovite, there is no must-have requirement.

I’m not in the McDonough School of Business! Can I still apply?

Absolutely! We encourage students of all academic backgrounds to apply. We believe that maintaining academic diversity in our team allows us to both analyze problems from multiple perspectives and develop more effective solutions.

What is the time commitment for being in Innovo?

Members can expect to commit at least 4-6 hours a week to the organization, which consists of weekly team meetings, client meetings, individual research, workshops, and general body meetings. Each client engagement is different, though, so the actual time commitment can fluctuate week-to-week and project-to-project.

Can I re-apply?

Of course! We highly encourage all students to re-apply. We recruit each semester, so we’re always excited to see how students have further developed their skills since last applying. Additionally, our interviewers are always open to providing feedback during and after the recruitment process.

What if I don’t want to go into consulting?

Joining Innovo does not bind you to a career in consulting. Many of our members are interested in entrepreneurship, government, investment banking, marketing, and non-profit organizations, and Innovites have found success pursuing careers in those industries. Innovo cultivates an environment that develops quantitative and qualitative skills that are valuable and applicable in not just the consulting industry, but across a variety of career paths.

I like having fun! Is Innovo for me?
Yes! We plan many different types of social events throughout the year for our members to connect with each other. From movie and game nights, to restaurant outings, to after-hours celebrations, Innovites love to have fun together!


Contact our Director of Community



Dana Jung

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