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Innovo is a consulting organization of socially-minded and compassionate college students who draw on their diverse perspectives to create change with social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

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Ashish Patel - Executive Director

"Innovo has given me the opportunity to be part of amazing work in social entrepreneurship while being part of a family of compassionate and driven peers. It’s both humbling and extremely exciting to be able to lead this consulting group in expanding our community impact."

Julie Guan - Project Manager

"The Innovo leadership’s willingness to adapt to fit our members’ needs is a true testament to Innovo’s commitment to community. In Innovo, I always feel supported, both in my professional goals and personal life. The consultants, PMs, and board members in this club are not just my fellow club members – they are some of my closest friends and biggest inspirations."

Shreysi Mittal - New Hire

"I firmly believe that businesses, in their best form, are mechanisms for positive change, but never really found a way to interact with those companies. I love Innovo because they focus on helping the very B-Corps, social-entrepreneurship ventures, and nonprofits that inspired me to pursue business in the first place. That, combined that with the caring and collaborative Innovo family, really makes for the perfect consulting club."


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